3 Little-Known Types of Health – Pt. 1

Exploring the definition of health is something I enjoy. It’s one of those trigger words like exercise, fitness, body fat, and Donald Trump. People go nuts when they hear such a trigger word because they have attached all sort of meaning to it … for better or worse. Continue reading “3 Little-Known Types of Health – Pt. 1”

Getting Healthy Is A Tumble Down The Rabbit Hole

Health is a Rabbit Hole. How So?

1. Everything we are told about health, wellness, and fitness is utterly backward. Like Carroll’s Wonderland, where nonsense makes sense and outrageous claims are status quo.

Nobody likes fake news . Well, the health and wellness industry is OG Big Papa Fake News. Everything comes down to product sales, using magazines, websites, and fitness influences as advertising mediums. Health care is just as bad. Don’t get me wrong, doctors, nurses, and health techs are very important and compassionate people, but in a system where profits are made by treating symptoms, not preventing disease, we become more valuable  when sick than when healthy.

The result? We are deceived into a state of powerlessness, clueless how to care for our health and how to look after our best interests. The information is out there but only experience will show what works.

2. Once you really embrace self-care and start learning what you need, what you don’t, and what makes you thrive, the journey into Self becomes an endless pursuit that fundamentally changes you a as person.

Someone wise once said self-care is the new rich. I couldn’t agree more. But taking care of yourself goes beyond a joint and a bubble bath. It means turning the gospel of health on its head. In the New Wonderland we exercise because it feels good and it  teaches us appreciation for our bodies. We eat nourishing food of the earth to balance our brain chemicals and feel light, strong, and energized. We are free-thinking enough to realize that being ruled by stress and taste buds is the root of disease and dissatisfaction with our bodies, not genetics or aging or the “freshmen 15” or any other excuse for failing to put a solid self-care routine into practice.

kraken pulling ship into water
The kraken is a metaphor for stress. Time to go Captain Ahab and slay that sea beast

Speaking of stress, it’s a choice and no one is handing out golden tickets or gold medals for Most Haggard. Its cool to feel calm, to fell like yourself. But it takes a bit of practice because there is just.so.much.craziness in our reality today. The thing is, everything is based on perception…yours and yours alone.

Yeah the news is horrific and so is the mother-in-law. Everything is bad and we are dying a day at a time.

But here’s the thing: negative thinking is an addiction as real as Oreos. Luckily the brain can be rewired. Through inner work like meditation and exploring our subconscious we can change how we think–which absolutely changes the world around us.

Because our days are so full of noise and distractions we lack self-awareness. We have become detached from our Self and rely only our reptilian brain and pleasure centers to get us through each day, causing depression, anxiety, and disease. But the human organism is much more complex and existence is infinitely deeper than we realize, but it require an inward focus.

3. We are evolving. Breakthroughs in physics, psychology, and neuroscience, paired with a rebirth of ancient wisdom, offer us soul guidance on every level.


Less self-sabotage more self-love; less toxicity more aligned relationships; less anxiety for tomorrow more living from the heart today.

The old ways have served their purpose. Thanks to the internet, new communications technology, and journalists who still believe in honest storytelling we are realizing that people have more in common than not. We are waking up to the fact that our world must be shared with each other and all other living creatures, unless the movie Mad Max sounds like a fun existence. Because our inner-state dictates our outer-state we must stop the war with ourselves to realize world peace; we need to see that compassion is  strength. Love will save but we need to learn, individually and collectively, what it means to love.

Something great is coming our way. The wise will keep an open mind and learn what it means to embody one’s highest self.


Hate Exercise? This Might Be Why

Have you despised exercise forever? Are words like exercise, gym, running, push-ups, etc., etc., emotional triggers? Let’s explore why and hopefully fix it.

bad teacher gym class
school can be a legit bloodsport

We are great at remembering hurtful things

Strong experiences make strong memories. Why? Because exciting or terrible times make us feel a lot more than usual. Feel is short for feelings you know, which are intense. Feelings call the shots, which is just how life goes; even 100% logical types are driven by their repressed emotions. Booze, drugs, sex, slot machines, and checking out via electronic “screen time” are ways to hide and escape our emotions (and emotional memories) for a minute.

Personally, I think memories are stored feelings, emotional snapshots of an event (or person) compressed and saved on our mental hard drives or pressed like flowers between the pages of an old book. A musty old book that could use some sunlight and attention.

Remember when…

As a kid did you like playing? What about recess? Running around doing random fun crap was the best. Then something changed, right?

Of all the people I’ve met who are anti-exercise, most have traumatic memories involving “heath.” A PE teacher who hated you because you hated volleyball, or a sports coach who lost her shit when your team lost a game. What about a controlling parent who used love as an excuse to body shame you? The common thread here is childhood feelings of inadequacy dumped on us by persons we either loved and trusted, or who were trusted to see after our best interests.

So a few years pass. That freshmen 15 gets shrugged off as a normal part of adulating. Hangovers suddenly suck as much as ever but people tell you that’s part of aging. Health conditions related to your diet and inactivity begin creeping up, but who cares? The Good Doctor has pills for that, it’s not the food you eat, it your genes (as your jeans feel ready to burst open from so much cheese). So here you sit missing the good old days when you felt good, but you lack motivation to make easy health changes because you’re complacent in knowing your health deterioration is going according to schedule thanks to so many decent people happy to smother you with toxic guidance.

Guess what beautiful? They failed, not you.

The Wager

Now see here, I’m willing to bet some cash that you don’t really hate moving your body. You hate the feelings that come with shameful memories related to exercise. And probably the sense of powerlessness that comes from steadily watching your body go to hell.

i hate exercise but i'm out of vodka
lol but it works, sport

Happily, it doesn’t take a push-up challenge to properly start your journey unto good health. Nope, it starts with your mind because…

We Are the Stories We Tell Ourselves

If you do not make a change today you will live as the person you were yesterday, and the day before that, all the way back to when that little prick in gym glass called you fat and Mr. Jerkoff Gym Teacher chuckled with a sinister glint in his eye. Fuck that noise, it’s time to rewire your brain.

Please quit with the disempowering statements. You can do whatever you want, just do it consistently and it is yours. No big secret here.

Heath Equals Action

I don’t care how cool somebody sounds when body-bashing himself or poking a vegetarian with a stick. See through the bullshit and realize feeling strong and healthy absolutely kills bragging about surviving off doritos or accepting constant low-back pain from choosing netflix over stretching (do both at the same time, yeah!). Because taking care of yourself is the highest form of self-respect, which is damned important.


We put tons of mental energy into health and fitness. The shoulds and should nots we do battle with in our anxious brains. We hope and hope and hope for change, take time to hate our reflection in the mirror, burn willpower on denying “bad” food, and all sorts of other ineffective stuff that makes us feel like a failure, so we quit and become unhealthier with a vengeance.

It doesn’t have to be this way Toto. Start moving, bonus points if you break a sweat. And realize eating for nutrition is important because food is fuel. Your body does so much amazing stuff, it totally deserves it.

Loving yourself begins with healthful action.

Exercise is Medicine for the Soul


  1. The part of us that acts as a compass, offering guidance when life gets extra crazy
  2. A quiet place inside of us where we can go to make everything calm and alright
  3. A certain something that when nourished virtually rids the world of assholes

The above are my definitions. In perfect honesty, it’s a hard thing to pin down the spirit. Even the name is elusive. Soul, universal consciousness, breath of life, the divine, the godself, the recesses of the heart, and way more I can’t think of right now.

Then we have science and its ongoing goal of demoting the spirit to a random side effect of consciousness. Neat goal but it’s never going to happen. Continue reading “Exercise is Medicine for the Soul”

Switch Your Deodorant To Help Prevent Cancer

It has now gotten to the point where babies are being BORN toxic due to the toxic load of their mothers. A 2004 study found that blood samples from newborns contained an average of 287 toxins including mercury, fire retardants, pesticides and chemicals in non-stick cookware.
     Dr. Mercola
Nobody wants to stink, but clogging our armpits with toxic antiperspirants is an extreme solution. The average stick of deodorant is loaded with carcinogens, hormone disrupters, allergens, neurotoxins, and pesticides. Yeah, pretty extreme.

Continue reading “Switch Your Deodorant To Help Prevent Cancer”