Own a Home? You got the Skills to Become Your Healthiest Self

Think back when you qualified for a home loan. That hard work and dedication finally paying off. Felt good, right?

Scoring hundreds of thousands of dollars was no accident and probably was no off-the-hip decision. It was a process. You meet with a loan officer and formulated a plan. Set a savings goal. Stuck to it…mostly. Refocused after some impulsive spending sprees maybe, but never took your eyes off the prize.

Qualifying for a gigantic home loan wasn’t random or haphazardly done. No 21-day shortcut to bank approval, no blaming family, friends, or co-workers for tempting you to overspend.

You made a goal and KNEW you could accomplish it. And your willpower increased as the vision took shape.

The Secret

Getting healthy is the same, exactly the same. Losing weight, building muscle, rehabbing injuries, reversing disease, feeling as healthy as a jacked racehorse, it’s all the same: Planning. Goal-setting. Consistency. Amen.

And yep, this goes against most ideas about getting fit. Why? Because quick fixes and secret solutions are deceptive nonsense, marketing ploys to profit off confusion, impatience, and feeling powerless. If popular claims of health and fitness ever seem baffling, trust me, it’s intentional. Getting your wellbeing under control is too simple to satisfy the greed of ineffective supplement companies, dishonest fitness magazines, and the sickcare we call healthcare.

But you don’t have to fall for all that.

Reality Check

Planning for success begins with killing the notion of quick fixes. No single food, supplement, exercise, or diet will do jack shit to change your body. It just doesn’t work that way. The human organism is too complex and highly-tuned to be tricked into dropping a bunch of precious fat or building metabolically costly muscle from something as simple as a diet pill or gym workout. It’s annoying but it’s the truth.

You Are So Capable

Once you’ve dropped the illusions it’s time to get down to business. Good news is you’ve already got 2 of the 3 requirements for unlimited heath improvements: Patience and consistency. The 3rd is a plan.

Stop Thinking About It. Take Action About It

Hire a fitness pro to show you how to lift weights and set fitness goals, create a plan to follow, and rework your eating habits to reach them. Meeting with someone who knows what s/he is doing is worth so much more than hours of surfing the World Wide Web saying “WTF?” at the heaps of contradictory fitness advice/claims /horseshit.

Ta Ta For Now

If spending a bit of cash on getting fit sounds no good, remember that it’s your quality of life for fuck’s sake. Hating your body, being in constant pain, or feeling hella tired and greasy everyday have simple fixes and are very much within your power. But remember, it takes knowledge, planning, and grit. Gotta stick to your plan and never forgetting your goals.

And if you already know what you need to do, then do.

Don’t talk about it be about it.