About Blog

This blog hopes to help addiction and abuse survivors find their flame.

Standing tall after years of being broken down can seem impossible. And sometimes we get so far off-course in life that our core self feels gone forever. But it’s not. I promise we aren’t bullshitting you.

Rebuilding mental, physical, and emotional health can be damn tricky in a world full of toxicity: food, beauty standards, relationships with others and especially ourselves…

The solution is a combo of self-care and wellness education.


Self-care is more than a buzzword. It is about healing stuff: the body, emotions, thinking patterns, and how we treat ourselves. Especially how we treat ourselves.

Self-care means shifting our relationship with health and fitness.

Because health wears many hats. And fitness is not about torture, quick-fixes, guilt, shame, or yo-yo diet failures. Hell nope. It is the highest form of self-love.

If you have been listening to your inner-voice lately, craving healthy relationships, wanting to nix destructive habits, and see how good you can feel then we think you’ll like Self-Care Strong. It is a headfirst tumble down the rabbit hole of health, wellness, and wholeness.

Because your heart misses you and your spirit never forgot you.


With love,

Matt and Nick Blasquez – Self-Care Health Coaches