3 Little-Known Types of Health – Pt. 1

Exploring the definition of health is something I enjoy. It’s one of those trigger words like exercise, fitness, body fat, and Donald Trump. People go nuts when they hear such a trigger word because they have attached all sort of meaning to it … for better or worse.

But who cares about semantics (the meaning of words)? We ain’t linguists here, we are just people on a mission to love ourselves more. And expanding our view of what it means to be healthy, and unhealthy, we have enriched our mind as well as our self-care toolbox.

Environmental Health

Is your crib feng shui or are those 3-day old dishes in the sink the root cause of your depression? A chaotic household where the TV is always on and everybody throws emotions around like wrecking balls is very draining. Having a partner who sees the worst in you and expects you to live to please his/her needs is only slightly less environmentally toxic than black mold.

Using personal care products like commercial shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, make-up, or pretty much anything else that goes on your body is poison unless it is either 100% natural or homemade. It is just the reality of living in a society that puts profits over health. I recommend starting with Tom’s products because they are readily available at places like Walmart, are fairly cheap, and work really well. And really, stuff like deodorant and toothpaste lasts forever so what’s a few extra bucks to cut down on hormone disruptors and toxic metal consumption? You will feel better, I promise. And remember, small changes add up to a big old holistic lifestyle overhaul in no time.

Looking after your environmental health. I had a life-changing conversation with a mattress salesman in Tulsa, Oklahoma once. He asked, “Do you realize a third of your life is spent sleeping?” To be honest, I had not. What’s more, this time period is when the body heals, restores, and does its mental housekeeping, making a really good mattress an extremely wise investment.

Everything from the friends we keep to things that disrupt our sleep affects environmental health. Time spent outdoors raises our eco wellbeing while a messy house and outdated clutter lowers it.

We have so much more control over the world around us than we realize. It starts with making one’s home a sanctuary, one’s relationships harmonious, and one’s daily routine thick on self-care.

Energetic Health aka Spiritual Health

Depression is an energy issue. Disease is an energy issue. Motivation, hopefulness, and even giving and receiving love all take a certain amount of personal energy to get our system functioning as intended.

About the term spirit, I believe the spirit and soul are two different things. What is the soul? I don’t know but I want to; as for spirit, it is the life energy that animates us. It is intelligent and conscious and governs everything from growth to realizing our personal destiny. It is why Frankenstein’s monster never went on to sell tractors and raise a family and visit Portugal. It is also why caffeine and cocaine are so popular, yet crash us so hard. Real, uncut energy can’t be faked. Stimulants only dig us into an energetic hole that we have to crawl out of sooner or later. Ughhh.

Spiritual energy is our “physical currency” that we both save up and spend every day. When it is high—practically bubbling over—we experience synchronicities and see reality mold into what we want in a very rapid way. When it is too low we die. Most of us exist somewhere between these two extremes but in which direction we go is entirely up to us. Sweeeeet!!

Looking after your energetic health. Ever notice how good and calm and inspired you feel after a beach day? Or how grateful and centered you are after some time in the forest? Why are tropical places called paradise? The answer to refilling our spiritual energy is time in nature. It is why cities are insane places and the reason gardening is like, the best thing ever. Turning off your screen and getting outside will literally save your life. We are (still) humans not robots, after all.

Food is everything when it comes to energy. Why? Because food is energy! But not all food is created equal. We are made of the earth and are meant to be fed from the earth. Think fresh, organic fruits, veggies, and possibly animals products if they come from a place of appreciation and symbiotic living with the animal. Think raising chickens for eggs, not forcing something to die for your taste buds. It is the reality of things: are you eating life or death?

And water filters are one of the best investments a human can make and pets love the pure water too. It doesn’t seem like it but we are mostly water. No need to be made of water tainted with fluoride, lead, mercury, antidepressants, birth control, pesticides, and parasites.

Creative Health aka Purposeful Living

I have like 20 quotes tattooed on my back. One of the biggest says We Are Made To Create. It is written in big primary colors because this was my biggest take-away when teaching high school special education: learning is fine but doing is divine.

Everyone I’ve ever met has a book inside them, an invention, a business, and ideas for a better world. The true American Dream is to be your own boss, to create something from nothing based on inspiration and grit and to make a mountain of cash in the process. I speak for the US because that’s the only country I’ve lived in, but I suspect people of all lands want to create a good life based on expressing their gifts.

Look how creative hobbies fuel our life. Paining, word working, writing tsbea, gardening, making jewelry, getting a 1971 Mach 1 Mustang running and roaring. To creating something from nothing is godly.

And speaking of the power of creation, look how much importance we place on bringing new life into this world. Nothing is more intensive, rewarding, and fundamentally life-altering than delivering a child into the world. I’ve talked to many people who realized their ultimate life-purpose after having a kiddo. For others, it is stepping into their power by digging deep to realize their truths—to find that intersection where passion meets natural gifts—then bring that skill into play by helping others. Yep, creative health is an important part of wellbeing.

Looking after creative health. Creating is about doing: less consuming and more producing. Maybe watching a sweet video of rock stars racing Lambos gets your blood going but that feel good jolt from seeing others achieve by living their truths comes with a nasty crash. While creating just about anything feels great and does a body good, when those creations are aligned with one’s highest truths they become extraordinary powerful and deeply healing. So turn of the screen and pick up a journal and start writing. This is the quickest way to discover your purpose and the best place to place your creative energies.

From here it is all about daily baby steps. Brainstorming ideas on paper is a rad way to create while getting the creative wheels turning. Write until you’ve got some great ways to bring your creative vision to life and then set some target goals for making them happen. Work at them until you realize that liberating creative energies is every bit as vital as eating, sleeping, and caring about something.


Don’t Stress if you don’t have a total health system worked out. It takes a lot of experience to find out what works for you and what healthy activities need your attention most. I am starting to learn that the path to healing and wellness is really never ending so it’s best to enjoy the journey and share the fruits of your evolution with everybody you encounter.

Author: Nicholas Blasquez

Hey, I'm Nicholas Blasquez. Nutritionalist, health coach & kettlebell instructor. I do in-home fitness training, coaching fams on how to feel great in a way that fits their hectic lives. I co-founded Rabbit Hole Fitness with my brother and all-time gym partner Matt Blasquez.

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